TVN Real Estate agent will act exclusively
on your behalf.

On average, people only change house a few times in their lives.

That means that for you as consumer it is almost impossible to gain experience and to move in the real estate market with sufficient knowledge. Aside from the technical knowledge the housing market is constantly in motion due to the financial economic situation of the world. If one also takes into consideration that the financial aspects can be dramatic, contacting an expert is well worth it. You can obtain personal advice and be represented by a real estate agent from TVN Real Estate Agents. This real estate agent will act exclusively on your behalf.

Your can use our real estate agents for advice and as an intermediary in, among other things: sale/purchase/renting out/renting/appraisals for different objects. TVN Real Estate Agents works exclusively according to clear, previously established agreements and at very competitive rates. A preliminary talk with one of our agents is always free of charge and no strings attached.

In general it is much more interesting to buy a property then to rent one if the period you stay here is about three years or longer. 

Depending on the salary, a big percentage of the interest on the mortgage is deductable for taxes. The monthly costs than can be more than half as you pay for the property when you would rent it.

For more detailed information about this we can bring you in contact with the right persons. Do not hesitate to contact us on + 31 (0) 20- 379 11 87 or

As an expat you also have the possibility to buy a house or apartment here. If you also have the luxury of  the tax benefit with the 30% ruling you have a special financial position. We work with experts who can give tailor made advice with regards to your personal situation. With laws changing almost every month a good advice is always usefull. Please contact us on or 020-379 11 87 for more information. 

In short, buying a house from A-Z goes like this:

Finding out who much you can spend, visiting houses that have your interest, make an offer on the house you like most from your selection, sign the contract at the notary and get the keys. If it was this simple we wouldnt have a right of existence. As for everything there are so many things to consider in The Netherlands. Buying a house is no exception unfortunately.

Below we give you an explanation of the above steps. For any specific questions or remarks you can always contact us on and +31 (0) 20 - 379 11 87



We can put you in touch with the right people to get a mortgage that suits your situation. Being an expat with a 30% rule needs a different kind of customer care and also depending on your personal situation there are different tax rules. We have already helped many of our customers in getting a good deal on their mortgage. We work together with a reliable independent mortgage companies  who are pleased to assist you.
To apply for a contract with a mortgage company you need to have a doctor’s statement with the statement that you are in a good and healthy condition.
Attached on the mortgage you need to have a live insurance which have to be paid monthly. These costs are tax deductible.



Viewings are arranged by appointment. A visit to objects is always free of charge and no strings attached. It is possible to view an object more than once or to visit several objects one after the other. If you desire, you may bring someone with you, for example your own contractor or an architect. The real estate agent will always notify the seller or the other real estate agent who represent the owner of the viewings in advance, regardless of whether or not the dwelling is inhabited. The seller who has made his/her dwelling accessible to you visit, would appreciate your reaction afterwards.



Please contact your TVN Real Estate Agent as soon as possible to notify us of your interest. TVN will drop an offer on your behalf and will start the negotiations.


As soon the selling party agrees on an offer there have to be signed a buying contract. After signing the buyer has three days to think over the decision, you can still decide not buying the property.

Most of the time people sign up a contract with a special clause that the contract can be cancelled when it is not possible to get a mortgage arranged. You need to hand over two different statements from different parties which stated that it is not possible for you to have a mortgage on this property. Most of the time this period covers 4 weeks after signing the contract.



- Buying contract.
- Akte van levering ( Transportation)
- Bank warranty 10% of buying price.
- Kadaster documents.
- Mortgage.


How can we help you?

TVN Real Estate Charges 1% of the buying price exclusive 19% VAT. For this percentage we negotiate, check the contracts, find a good notary for a decent price and guide you through the inspection.

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