Buy a house or apartment here?

Welcome expats

As an expat you also have the possibility to buy a house or apartment here.

If you also have the luxury of  the tax benefit with the 30% ruling you have a special financial position. We work with experts who can give tailor made advice with regards to your personal situation. With laws changing almost every month a good advice is always usefull.

Why buy
In general it is much more interesting to buy a property then to rent one if the period you stay here is about three years or longer.

Depending on the salary, a big percentage of the interest on the mortgage is deductable for taxes. The monthly costs than can be more than half as you pay for the property when you would rent it.

For more detailed information about this we can bring you in contact with the right persons. Do not hesitate to contact us on + 31 (0) 20- 379 11 87 or info@tvnrealestate.nl.


How can we help you?

For all your questions please contact us on info@tvnrealestate.nl , call us on + 31 (0) 20- 379 11 87 or fill in the form on this page.

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